Tuesday, September 27, 2011

26 things I did for my 26th year...

1.Had a surprise visit from PRESIDENT MONSON in Sacrament meeting
2.Went skinny dipping for the first time with Everett
3.Ran a half Marathon in the snow (it didn't stop snowing AT ALL during the entire race)

4. Discovered the best walking trail up Millcreek Canyon
5.Spent the weekend at Bret's Cabin. FINALLY!!
6.Made Smore's and built a bonfire in the snow
7.Discovered the MJ WII game (it's one of my favorite things of the year)
8.Went to the Harry Potter MID NIGHT showing for the first time
9.Went to 7-peaks for the 4th of July… God Bless America

10. Went to Cottonwood Heights almost every weekend during the summer

11.Took a Ballet class

12. Worked in the study Abroad Department at SLCC and as an Apartment Manager from home

13. Ran the Bear Lake Marathon (My 7th Marathon)

14. Got a cute new baby Niece (Jocelyn) and another one on the way (Hazen and Janet… Can’t wait! I love babies)

15.Went Snow Boarding with Evers

16.Joined a Bunko group with some friends from High school (I’m not very faithful, but it’s always a good time)

17. Had a few sleepovers with Evs in our homemade forts

18. Discovered our favorite place to eat breakfast (The Grand America) It has a fancy atmosphere and has the most amazing breakfast…AND its pretty inexpensive--that’s the best part:)

19. Took a hip-hop class that Everett signed me up for haha Thanks love (I’m a little rusty, but it was a cute idea:))

20.Everett & I hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the first time haha… Mom did all the cooking. Thanks mom!

21.Went Cliff Jumping with Evers (if you count the platforms at Cottonwood heights haha we do!)

22.Went to my first NEPHEWS Baptism (Congratulations Renic… You will make a great missionary someday:))

23.Stayed up until Mid-night on New Years Eve for the first time together

24. Went on a Triumph Ride (Big Thanks to Chad and Eryn… That’s Evers dream bike)

25. Took care of an Elderly Lady in our ward for the summer (we love you Roene)

26. Went Camping (Bear Lake) in the back of our car trunk and slept the entire night. Some people just fit perfectly together… We might be the best snuggler’s ever. Just sayin’.

27 Things I want to do for my 27th year…

1. Have a baby

2. Read ALL 7 Harry Potter Books (I’m only on the 4th book… that was my goal last year) Wish me luck again Evs

3. Catch up on my Journal/ Scrapbook

4. Take another Ballet Class

5. Kiss Everett on-top of a Ferris wheel

6. Watch the sunset and Sunrise all in one day with Evers

7. Go to my mission with Evers

8. Carve our names into a Tree

9. Run a race together

10. Go Horseback ridding on the beach with Evers

11. Make Love in an inappropriate Location. Our list is already pretty amazing, but why not add some more adventure this year…

12. Win Linda’s Annual Halloween Costume Party (We’ve won every year… Why not this year?)

13. Go surfing

14. Go Camping in California on the beach

15. Write a children’s book. This is always my goal

16. Attend a professional Baseball game. (Is there really any better way a true American can celebrate a hot summer day?)

17. Write more Thank you notes

18. Attain a solid understanding of how the government works in America

19. Spend one whole day with both mine and Everett’s Grandpa’s, learning whatever they need to teach us… (I wish I would have done this with my grandma)

20. Do something nice for mine and Everett’s parents: They’ve done a lot for us...

21. Get a toned /lifted booty

22. Buy dinner anonymously for a couple in love at a restaurant

23. Go Roller-Blading with Everett

24. Grow my hair out

25. Give the Book of Mormon away and share my testimony more often

26. Have a good supply of food storage

27. Open a "Fun Account" Save 3 Dollars a day for a year. (2012 is leap year, so there will be 366 days)

366X3=$1098.00… We’re going big on this one haha don’t make fun of us little guys:)



So when is the baby coming, and when are we going to hang out???? P.s. you are so stinking pretty and photogenic!

Camie said...

Oh Am, Love you so much. You are so refreshing and inspiring!